scientist using microscope

Advancing gemonic innovation for australians


The Problem to Solve

How might we connect stakeholders across sampling and interpretation to advance genomics based on value for people?

Genomics provides people with information about their personal genetic profile, helping them understand potential illnesses they could face and shift focus to preventative care. The end to end genomics process is disjointed (from sampling to interpretation) and requires many players connecting to deliver value to people.

our approach

WAVE identified  6 key insights which led to a deeper shared understanding between stakeholders and identification of opportunities to progress Garvan’s global vision for genomics.

The opportunity areas were presented to Vodafone’s global board, helping to strengthen partnerships and alignment of organisation drivers.  

We projected future and actionable concepts for collaboration between the new partner and their spin-off company.



The project was a significant step towards re-framing the future of healthcare to be about proactive health management using key enablers identified by WAVE that are critical to consider on the path to developing genomics.

WAVE Design were a pleasure to work with. The team quickly grasped highly complex concepts and were especially adept at distilling these into key strategic issues and opportunities. The outcomes from the strategy workshop have been highly valuable to both organisations.
— Alyssa Jones, Head of Vodafone Foundation