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design research

We form deep insight into people’s lives in context to your business to discover new opportunities together.

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Research Plans

Developing a research plan to understand the right people to talk to to learn about the problem to solve. Writing the research brief and training observers to participate in contextual interviews.

Contextual interviews

Facilitating in-person empathy interviews in people’s natural environments to capture observations, perspectives and experiences through guided semi-formal interviews with interactive activities to stimulate conversations.


Leading ethnographic techniques are applied to the research problem for a deep understanding of the social, emotional and cognitive aspects of people’s experience. Capturing data and contextual evidence to support and guide new frameworks for how people interact with the world.

Redefine the problem

Framing the right problem to solve by testing the scope of the problem and using empathy and insight from research to redefine the problem from the customer’s perspective.

Build insight from data

Qualitative and quantitative research data synthesis, clustering, theming and building human-centred insight for clarity of new learning and thinking.

Concept Validation

Resonance testing with independent ethnographic practitioners for quality control and management of bias within core team to validate developed concepts.


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