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Wherever you are on your innovation journey, WAVE Design can help. You might be surprised at what’s possible in your space. We are a leading practitioner in problem-solving with an agile and flexible approach. We deliver our services across five complementary disciplines to meet each challenge with the right approach tailored to your needs.



Diagram of service design process


We design an end-to-end view of the service and experience moments

Diagram of a customer experience map

Experience DESIGN

We combine customer understanding and digital innovation to transform and grow businesses

Research to Insight to Opportunity


We form deep insight into people’s lives in context to your business to discover new opportunities together

Diagram of people increasing capability and collaboration

building capability

We immerse you in experiential learning that delivers innovation skills needed to do everyday work more effectively

Diagram of moving from BAU to Growth

Innovation Strategy

We help you to lead and achieve sustainable growth within your organisation in a human-centred way

Our Design Process

Our process has four phases. From framing the real problem to delivering value, the ripples of each phase can be felt across the organisation. Each step of the process can be scaled to provide value beyond the project itself.

WAVE HCD Methodology-24.png

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